Top 9 bottles to breastfeed your newborn baby

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Breastfeed is a very intimate phenomenon that occurs between a mother and a new born. Breastfeed does not only provides the new born with the energy but also strengthens the bond between a mother and her offspring.
There are times when the mother is not physically present to breastfeed the new born and hence alternative methods have to be explored to get rid of this obstacle and to make sure that the new born gets his nutrition regardless of the absence or presence of mother. But in doing so, you have to face a lot of kinds of problem and there are ways to overcome them systemically.

Top 9 bottles to breastfeed your newborn baby

The first problem that many mothers face is the rejection of the bottle feeding by the new born. This can be as a result of a lot of factors which might either be involved individually or collectively. It is the natural instinct of a new born child to suckle on the nipples of his mother in order to acquire milk. It is also seen in some cases that the while breastfeed a newborn tends to grab the breast by his hand or simply touch it in order to start the act of suckling.

Mother’s mammary glands are regulated in such a way that the milk produced in them is strictly controlled and produced on the basis of demand. Within the first week, the mother and the newborn get along a specific schedule according to which they adjust the nutrition cycle and so does the mammary glands as they produce milk when it is about time for the baby to suck on. Even if the milk is produced it remains stored in the breast and does not come out on its own. It is only when the baby touches the breast or starts suckling on the nipple that the milk is allowed to let go of from the breast. This whole phenomenon of releasing milk is called letting down.

Now, the infants who are used to breastfeeding normally deny getting fed from an artificial cup or a container and even a feeder bottle. This can at times become quite a task to get the new born to shift from breastfeeding to bottle feeding with the breast milk in it. Some of the factors to take care of in such an event are following. Try to change the type of nipple on the bottle. Different babies prefer different stuff of nipple and hence there is no hard and fast rule for that. Then the next thing to consider is the position of the baby. At times the baby prefers the person feeding him to look at him or even hold him close to his skin so that they get a feeling of comfort. In some rare cases the newborn rejects to take milk from the feeder bottle because the milk is cold or hotter than the temperature of the breast milk and hence you might have to look out for the temperature as well.

This having been said now let me introduce you some of the top in line bottle feeders and some salient features of all of them so that you get to have a basic idea of what they are and which one will best suit your need. Following is the list of top of the line nine bottle breast milk feeder bottles.

Baby Bottles by Comotomo

As mentioned earlier, some babies prefer the sensation of touch while breastfeeding. These babies while breastfeed need to touch the breast in order to be comfortable and even start suckling in the first place. Keeping this necessity of babies in the mind, comotomo has developed a bottle which is made up of a polymer which gives it a flexible body as well as the surface texture which is as soft as the skin of breast and hence it will easily be able to mimic a human breast as the child will grab onto it and start sucking on the bottle considering it a breast. Being a baby product, the plastic used in the making of comotomo baby bottles is reasonably made from safe plastic in order to prevent them from any harmful diseases as well as to make them environment friendly.

Natural Bottle by Philips AVENT

Philips AVENT is the pioneer of the bottle feeding community and hence is not only well known but one of the most trusted brands in child nursing domain. In order to further facilitate its customers in the breast milk feeding as well Philips AVENT has introduced its newest in the line natural bottle. As evident by its name, natural bottle tries to mimic a human breast in all the ways.

The basic design of the bottle is made and shaped in such a way that the baby should assume it as a human breast to grab on and start sucking the milk from the bottle. Moreover the nipple provided with the bottle is made up of a very safe and smooth to touch plastic which mimics the nipple of a human breast.

breastfeed and baby feeding

Original Nurser by Playtex Drop-Ins

One of the most trusted brand of feeding bottles that one can come across. For more than a decade, moms all over the globe have not only trusted it but also actually preferred them over all other feeding bottles. Original nurser has the minimal design and most simple of all the bottles that are available for the breast milk feeding purpose.

Moreover, it has a simpler nipple made up of latex and a simple round edged bottle to which newborns seem to get familiar with as soon as they get in touch with. Or may be the reason of its popularity is its ever affordable price which is almost half than any other bottle. Like avent bottles, they also have the bottle liners which actually help in keeping the air from going into the tract of the baby. So, in short, original nurser by Playtex drop-ins has all the qualities of a fancy bottle but it is affordable at the same time.

Breastfeed Set by Medela Calma

Coming from the Medela Calma, one has the surety of this breast feeding set knowing its business as medela calma itself is the largest supplier of breast pumps and other necessary breastfeeding related appliances and equipment. This time they have developed a bottle which will help people feed their young ones with the breast milk.

This bottle is slightly longer and bulkier than the rest of the bottle feeders. But the interesting part about this is its nipple which actually has to be assembled before putting into function. This nipple not only prevents the back flow  of air into the canal of baby but also lets the milk go down the nipple when it is sucked upon by the newborn baby.

Closer to Nature Bottles by Tommee Tippee

Tommee tippee has done a marvelous job in making a transitional feeding bottle. This bottle has particularly acquired a shape just like human breast which has two advantages, first one being that it is now easy for anyone to hold this bottle and prevent it from damaging the kid.

Secondly, with such a design a newborn can easily be shifted towards bottle feeding while a baby is breastfeed. Moreover, unlike most of the feeder bottles, tommee tippee is made up from very safe plastics that confirm all the points of safety and hence assure the health and safety of mother and child who are in consideration. These plastics are also quite stretchable which makes the baby to even bite and chew the nipple in order to feel at home. Plus in the bottle there is a valve which prevents the flow of air and causes certain troubles in newborn.

The bottle by Yoomi

In the description above we discussed the incidence of newborn rejecting the bottle milk because of the fluctuation of the temperature. And hence it is necessary for the milk to be at a certain specific temperature in order for the new born to not only accept it but also to drink it happily. Also a certain temperature of the mother’s milk is easily accepted by the digestive system of the baby and hence a lot of future problems can be avoided by making sure the milk is digested properly.

As soon as the milk is out of the breasts of mother it starts getting cold and in some cases we even store it for later use. In all these cases it is a hassle to reheat the milk as we cannot directly heat it because of the chances of degeneration. For this very purpose, we have the ultimate bottle by yoomi which offers us the luxury of internal heating mechanism which can be immersed in the water. Just before feeding the baby, the mechanism is turned on and it makes sure to warm the milk to a certain degree before the milk touches the mouth of the baby.

Breastfeed flow Bottle by The First Years

As evident by the name, the breast flow bottle makes sure that the flow of the milk from the bottle is similar to that of the human breast. For this particular reason, it employs the mechanism of sucking as well as pressing the bottle at the same time. Sucking is done by the baby while the pressing is done by the person feeding it. Hence the dose can be controlled which the child takes in. this two stage feeding mechanism perfectly mimics the action of a human breast. Plus the shape and size of the bottle is almost identical to that of a human breast and hence the new born gets rapidly familiar with it and not many obstacles have to be overcome to make the transition happen. This bottle is equally useful whether the milk formula is used or breast milk is used, the efficacy of the bottle remains unaltered.

Adiri NxGen Nurser

Adiri NxGen nurser is the ultimate feeding bottle in the market now days. With its latest bottom vent system it is putting other bottles to shame and hence getting popular amongst the nursing mothers every passing day. Unlike other bottles, there are no valves or mechanisms in the nipple. Rather there is a vent on the bottom of the feeder bottle which can be adjusted to make sure that the air does not bother the baby while it is breastfeeding.

The air if ingested by the baby during the feeding causes serious discomfort in the baby later and hence it is a relief to have such a feeder bottle which avoids such situation. It is easy to clean as both top and bottom can be removed and similarly the milk can be topped up into the bottle from both sides making it more useful for the nursing parents to use for their newborns. A cleaner feeder bottle means healthier babies and the specific breast shaped top helps in getting the baby acquainted to the bottle earlier than any other feeder bottle.


These bottles are being called the closest to human breasts both in their looks as well as their function. They are small in size and the top nipple is made up of the softest plastic. Moreover the nipple is colored exactly like the nipple color of human beings plus the granular appearance of the nipple makes it look next identical to the real thing and hence more acceptable by the baby. These bottles while a baby is breastfeed, are made up of the safest and the most compliant of all polymers which are not only healthy but also give a very neat look accompanied with a soft texture.


So, in short, there are many variants of the feeding bottles available in the market. These bottles offer various features combined and hence being a nursing parent one can choose to either go for one or more of these bottles in order to best cater the needs of their newborn. This will make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding an easy and enjoyable experience.

Which bottle are you using? Do you prefer one on the other? Let everyone know.

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