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We found Mateo SITTING this morning!! We did not see how he did it but he was so so proud!!
Thanks for all your great support, it's really huge for us and I'm more than grateful to have you in our lives❤️❤️❤️ "

A frustrated parent leads to a frustrated baby and A frustrated baby leads to a frustrated parent,

A fulfilled parent leads to a blissful baby and A blissful baby leads to a fulfilled parent.


Option 1 - On an individual hourly basis.

Schedule ONE hour of private online session with Anat.
This option is for parents who want to learn more on the development phase of their baby, need specific advice on a development issue or delay their babies are facing and/or need detailed advice or a second opinion from Anat.


Option 2 - 4-8 hours Packages.

You can secure FOUR hours To Eight hours with Anat for 4-8 individual online private sessions. Each session will be one hour long and dates will be decided between you and Anat based on your baby’s development, your parenting journey and more.
This package option is for parents who wish to have a long-lasting review of their baby’s development and milestone path with Anat. In this option Anat will be also available via e-mail for any questions or concerns you may face during this time.


Option 3 - Private therapy treatment

Within your family home and in person, this is a full treatment and therapy plan that can be between 4-7 days and for 4-6 hours a day.
This package option is for parents with babies and children that suffer developmental delays and special needs. This is a broad spectrum of disorders, including: genetic syndromes, brain injuries, autism and communication disorders, motor delays and disorders, low muscle tone, epilepsy, and ADHD.

30 Minutes Free Online Session With Anat


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  • Option 1 - On an individual hourly basis.
  • Option 2 - 4-8 hours Packages.
  • Option 3 - Private therapy treatment
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From a mother to a mother:

Anat’s private sessions are great to focus on your baby’s development more deeply that can happen in an online workshop. You can get more tailored insight and exercises for your baby and you have a follow-up on the points discussed during the lesson.

“Towards the end of the day, I saw my baby finally start crawling. Anat was the first to diagnose a few problems with my girl and the first to explain how to treat them. Two weeks of practice and work and the results are amazing.”

The one on one sessions with Anat have been incredible; her advice is so much more impactful and qualified than any of the baby activity apps or websites out there. She’s able to observe my baby’s movements and make recommendations to help him with anything he’s frustrated about.