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BabyPillars Where Babies Reach Their Full Potential

At BabyPillars our mission is to help every child achieve the essential milestones to ensure healthy physical and emotional growth.

We are dedicated to help you, dear parents, raise healthier and happier adults because, let’s face it, they don’t stay babies forever.

The first years of life have a profound effect on a child’s future – on their brain development, health, happiness, well-being and future successes.

In this formative stage of life, a baby’s brain can form more than 1 million new brain connections every second, a pace never repeated again.

Early moments matter. That’s why the right food, stimulation and care are essential to a baby’s brain development in the first 1,000 days of life.
At BabyPillars we emphasize the importance of healthy brain development in the earliest months of life.

In 2018 I developed this online system, the first of its kind (actually, the only one of its kind), where you can get the tools and guidance you need. All the advice you need, when you need it, to raise your baby to his/her maximum potential in a happy and supportive way.

Every baby develops at their own pace, we help parents know if their baby is on track and if not, WE CAN HELP!

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So… Who is Anat Furstenberg?

Hi, I’m Anat Furstenberg, a married mother of 3 and a masters-level instructor in the field of infant and child care.

I have an MBA in Psychology with 12+ years experience in the field. I have gained recognition as a qualified expert in the First-Step Method and I am a senior teacher of the First-Step Method in colleges in Israel and Switzerland. I am qualified to work with babies 0-24 months old, as well as being part of a group of master instructors licensed to work with toddlers and children aged 2-8 years.

For those of you not familiar with the First-Step Method, it’s a well-established and highly respected method of child development in Europe and the Middle East.

They say that success comes from adversity and I’ve seen my fair share of children going through difficult changes in their lives. It began with my work at a women’s shelter. Every day, I met women with infants and babies who, through no fault of their own, had had to make extreme changes in their lives. These situations were difficult but I was glad to be able to help these women create a safer, stronger developmental transition base for their children.

You may ask how this was possible in such a difficult and stressful environment, but I was in a unique situation where I could witness for myself the relationship between the environment and the natural stages of child development as it related to the baby’s future and I was able to put into practice my methodology.

I have taken all this wealth of practical experience I’ve gained over the years to bring intensive one-on-one therapy to families worldwide and I have diagnosed and successfully treated hundreds of children with special needs.

Now, it’s your turn. This course is suitable for ALL parents and ALL babies and toddlers and I know you will enjoy the lessons and benefit from the experience and advice I have to impart.

I can’t express in words how happy it makes me to be able to bring this knowledge to you and be part of your and your children’s lives.

So, What is The First-Step Method?

Creating a suitable environment for your baby’s development is not easy in our contemporary, hectic lives, but you’re here so you obviously want to give your child the very best start at life and the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.

The First-Step Method recognizes the links between development in infancy and later problems or issues your child may experience in childhood or adolescence.
The basics of the method are:

  1. Motor and sensory development in babies is the infrastructure for fulfilling the baby’s full potential in later years.
  2. From birth to age two, motor and sensory development unfold in stages with their own fixed, systematic nature. Babies need to go through each stage, and to complete every step in each stage. This ensures the best development possible.
  3. For proper motor and sensory development, babies need a suitable environment; this includes their relationship with their parents, their physical conditions, and how other people relate to them.
  4. Creating a suitable environment is something we need to work on in order to make it happen.

The First-Step Method helps you to create the right developmental environment (despite our busy modern lives!) so your baby is able to develop fully while completing each and every developmental stage and never missing out on any of them.

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What Our Families Have to Say:

“Anat is absolutely wonderful. After watching the videos, I decided to purchase a private session package to get specialized suggestions for my toddler who has gross motor delays and has been in physical therapy his whole life. Not only was Anat incredibly knowledgeable and creative with her suggestions, her warmth, support, and encouragement made the sessions therapeutic for me as well. As a parent who is very used to the physical therapy model (and is used to my son crying through most therapy sessions) it was refreshing to have Zoom sessions with Anat where my son was actually enjoying himself, laughing and having fun. I love her approach to development in which learning takes place during fun activities. I feel so grateful for Anat and highly recommend her. “

“ The one on one sessions with Anat have been incredible; her advice is so much more impactful and qualified than any of the baby activity apps or websites out there. She’s able to observe my baby’s movements and make recommendations to help him with anything he’s frustrated about. Typically after practicing these recommendations for a day, I’ll see a change in his behavior the next day. The video courses have also been really useful for filling his playtime with fun and developmental appropriate activities. “

“Really really appreciate all the guidance, feel so much better about Leo’s development with Anats videos and guidance.”

“ The session with Anat was wonderful, she was so generous with her time. Linnea and I both enjoyed meeting her and speaking with her. Afterwards I felt that it might be more important to have a regular checkup with her than with a pediatrician, since she could advise us on important development issues. ”

“ I first started doing the BabyPillar video tutorials with my first child who was diagnosed with torticollis. I found the videos to be easy to follow, extremely helpful and in line with what our physical therapist was showing us. They helped me understand what milestones my child should be achieving and how to get there step by step. I had a private session with Anat for my second child which was free after the purchase of the videos. It was very helpful because she answered all of my questions and gave me additional tips. Anat even offered to repeat the session with my husband and our babysitter. You can tell she is very knowledgeable and very passionate about her work. “

“I found some of your video tutorials on YouTube when my son was 5 months old. He was lying on his stomach and was very frustrated because he couldn't move forward. After just a few days of doing your exercises he began to move around his own axis and shortly thereafter began to crawl on his stomach. ”

“ As for the session with Anat, she was well prepared for it - she knew my son's problems and conditions. Anat gave me very specific advice on how to deal with my son's sleeping problems. She answered all my questions and concerns. Anat had a personal approach - she tried to find out what was causing the sleeping problems specifically in our case. In some time I will let you know what the results are. ”

“ I believe that your exercises are perfectly composed. I like that you approach the child's development as a whole and that - unlike other websites on similar topics - you give specific, practical tips on supporting the child's development. The format of your video tutorials is very accessible. The only problem is that it is not always easy for me to convince my son to exercise. ”

“ I wish I had found your site sooner. I would recommend it to all parents who have any problems with their small children or just want to support their children's development. ”

“I have learned a lot from this little quiz in regards to my baby's day by day development. It is’0 amazing! I highly recommend taking this quiz.”

I have reviewed some of the videos and tried them with my son, and he loves them!

I have never seen him so proud of himself!

I believe that your exercises are perfectly composed. I like that you approach the child's development as a whole and that - unlike other websites on similar topics - you give specific, practical tips on supporting the child's development. The format of your video tutorials is very accessible.