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Before thinking of surgery, medication, physical devices or what not, please try these exercises first. Exercise with your baby for a few days and guide your baby with our step-by-step professional torticollis guides and activities - you will be amazed of the results - Guaranteed!!!

Treat your baby torticollis through play and professional step-by-step activities.

Learn different activities to treat torticollis without medication or physical devices.

Proven tried and tested activities to treat torticollis in babies from child care professionals.

Improve your baby ability to move their head and neck in all directions from the first week.

Strengthen your baby's neck muscles and improve their ability to look around their environment.

Teach your baby to perform movements in both sides of their body equally.

Bring your baby body to balance and center on both sides - Set the foundation for future milestones.

Perform treatment not only on one side of your baby body but on his or her entire body.

Support your baby’s growth, start building coordination and strength, set the pillars for future milestones.

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My baby was diagnosed with mild torticollis 2 months ago. I went online to find some info and got to your site, and it was a god sent!!

He is now almost cured and gained almost 100% of his neck and head motor abilities and it is mainly because of your videos...

...When I was at my pediatrician appointment last week he was shocked of the transformation and asked to see your website. 😲😍

I found the videos to be easy to follow, extremely helpful and in line...

Tatyana S.

I first started doing the babypillars video tutorials with my first child who was diagnosed with torticollis . I found the videos to be easy to follow, extremely helpful and in line with what our physical therapist was showing us. They helped me understand what milestones my child should be achieving and how to get there step by step.

I had a private session with Anat for my second child which was free after the purchase of the videos. It was very helpful because she answered all of my questions and gave me additional tips. Anat even offered to repeat the session with my husband and our babysitter. You can tell she is very knowledgeable and very passionate about her work.

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I don’t have the time to practice with my son, what to do?

In short, make time! This course is not for you if you don’t have the time and energy to practice and exercise one-on-one with your baby. If this is the case, I strongly recommend to find a private face-to-face Physical therapist to help your baby.

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Before thinking of surgery, medication, physical devices like torticollis helmet or what not, please try these exercises first. Exercise with your baby for a few days and guide your baby with my step-by-step professional torticollis guides and activities - you will be amazed of the results - Guaranteed!!!

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What Is Torticollis?

Torticollis, also known as wry neck, is a dystonic condition defined by an abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position, which may be due to a variety of causes. The term torticollis is derived from the Latin words ‘tortus’ for twisted and ‘collum’ for neck.

Torticollis in simple words is an uncontrolled movement of turning the head sideways, so that over time the head is only turned to one side regularly. Due to only turning the head to one side we are weakening and shortening muscle tension only on one side of the neck.

The inclination of the head to only one side unfortunately places the head in an unbalanced manner. Torticollis is manifested in the lack rotation of the head (rotation or lateral bending).

Baby Torticollis.

Torticollis can be diagnosed early, even in the womb due to poor posture of the baby inside the womb.

With baby torticollis your baby facial orientation system compensates for the asymmetry in his body. Your baby will lift his shoulder on the shortened side of his body and / or tilting his head sideways also towards the shortened side. This irregular pose can cause changes in his entire body and may even impact the non-involved (non-torticollis) side.

The ability of your baby to keep his head in the center of his body develops in all infants up to 15 weeks postpartum.

A baby diagnosed with torticollis is a baby whose head and neck appear to be irregular and asymmetrical. When diagnosing torticollis, we will find that our baby's ear faces to the shortened side and our baby’s chin to the opposite side, we will also find that there will be a limitation in the range of rotation and movement of the neck to the opposite side.

Reasons For Torticollis.

There can be several and different reasons that can produce torticollis in babies including: The fetal position in the womb, vacuum birth or forceps, genetic factors, developmental environment that did not allow our baby symmetry for example: always feeding on one side, laying our baby down on the same side over and over again, asymmetry in our posture or asymmetry in carrying our baby after birth and more.

In all these cases and others, the problem and what leads to torticollis is that our baby will not practice and lose the ability to move his head to the other direction.

The assumption in baby torticollis is that not only his neck muscles shortened on one side, but the muscles along all sides of his body are shortened. Therefore, the processes and exercises that should be done with a baby that is diagnosed with torticollis will always be performed not only on the neck area or one side of the body but on the entire body.

With the BabyPillars exercises and processes that we do together with our baby we pleasantly allow our baby, while playing and guiding, to lengthen the shortened side, and let go of the elongated side - thus bringing the body into balance and center on both sides.

Future Effects Of Torticollis On Later Functions.

Factors such as muscle strength imbalance and lack of range of motion in the neck can delay the development of babies and can affect present and future developmental milestones.

Asymmetry in skeletal and muscular function is demonstrated in:

  • Limitation in the range of motion of the neck and head.
  • Difficulty reaching out to one or two sides.
  • Making weight transfers - especially to the elongated side.
  • Crawling and asymmetrical sitting.
  • Difficulty in transitioning to the hands and knees position.
  • Difficulty moving from pose to pose.
  • Asymmetry in eye function.

As a result of baby torticollis and the asymmetry in the body, our baby will create compensation in his body, and his weight load will unevenly distributed unevenly on the skeletal and muscular system, which causes unnecessary muscle tension, joint erosion and more.

At a later stage in your baby development, you can see the effect of baby torticollis in:

  • Spinal curvature / juvenile scoliosis.
  • Distortion of the thorax.
  • Imbalance of the neck muscles.
  • Asymmetrical posture.
  • Unbalanced walking.

Torticollis Treatment And Recommendation

We will always start doing the processes and exercises from the side that is familiar to our baby and only then will we move on to the other side (the Torticollis side). It is important that our baby understands that he knows and is able to do them on one side only then we will move to the other side (the Torticollis side) as well.

Always perform the processes and exercises for both sides of your baby body symmetrically.

Remember torticollis effects the entire body of our baby, that is why we don’t only do neck and/or one-side exercises, we guide and help center his entire body.

In day-by-day routines remember and try to hold, feed, play etc. your baby on both sides of his body (even if it is not so comfortable for you).

If you are uncertain, in doubts or think your baby suffers, please consult your pediatrician. Facebook groups, Quora, Pinterest or your next-door neighbor is not a license doctor or a child care professional.

Before thinking of surgery, medication, physical devices or what not, please try these exercises first. Give them a few days and guide your baby with our step-by-step video tutorials - you will be amazed.

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