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I'm Anat, a child development specialist and a passionate advocate for nurturing children's growth and potential. As a mother of three, I understand the joy and challenges that come with parenting, especially during those crucial early years.
At BabyPillars, I am dedicated to helping parents like you guide your babies and toddlers on their remarkable journey of development. From birth through age 3, these formative years are filled with countless milestones, and I'm here to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make every moment count.

Anat Furstenberg
Founder of BabyPillars & proud mama


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My carefully crafted online classes are tailored to nurture your child's holistic development. Just as every child is unique, my classes are designed to meet them where they are and empower them to grow at their own pace.

Class Offerings:

  • Early Explorers: Ages 0–6 Months
  • Curious Crawlers: Ages 7–12 Months
  • Toddlers in Motion: Ages 13–24 Months
  • Exploring Little Minds: Ages 2–3 Years

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My approach is firmly rooted in evidence-based practices and the latest research in child development. I believe that every interaction counts, and My classes are designed to foster meaningful connections while stimulating cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

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