Newborn Tips And Facts

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Have you had your baby yet? Here are 50 Newborn Tips And Facts About Your Newborn You Need to Know.

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1. Take a baby wrap/carrier sling with you – one of your friends will surely know to explain how to use it.

2. Expose your baby to all possible positions and movements.

3. Manage a daily routine from the very first moment – start with one hour to one and a half hour intervals between naps. In between, provide your baby with all the stimuli he or she needs: food, diaper change, cradle, floor time, etc. ...

4. Cradle, hold and touch your baby as much as possible! And in as many ways as possible.

5. Lay down your baby on the stomach during activity time and during rest time.

6. Think hard before you dress your baby with each additional layer.

7. Take time, as much as you can to make eye contact with your baby.

8. Speak with your baby as much as you can – use Gibberish (a lot).

9. At the time of crying - try to act as business is usual. Then (after you breathe) go through the list of causes: hunger, fatigue, gas, stomach pain etc. If you have a daily routine in place you can immediately understand and focus on the cause of the crying.

Newborn tips for parents

Newborn tips and tricks

10. Expose your baby to sunlight from the first days – do not hide and stay home.

11. Check that you have not heated the house too much.

12. Expose your newborn to movement on your hands. Do not develop a habit of falling asleep on you/on your hands.

13. Bring a physio ball home and learn how to use it correctly.

14. Let your baby fall asleep in bed. He or she knows how to do it. believe me.

15. House music and rhythmic dance is a sedative (even more than lullaby's) Try me.

16. Up to the age of three months lay your baby down for the night around 9pm.

17. From the first moment, be careful not to take your baby out of his or your room at night.

18. Practice floor time from the first minute.

19. Practice abdominal time from the first minute.

20. Let your baby be exposed to as many people, sounds and smells as possible.

21. Maintain a normal noise routine at home.

22. You can flush the toilet at night.

23. You can also open a bag of potato chips at night.

24. Don't be tempted to look at your neighbor's baby - he's more developed than yours - he's also a better sleeper. (Also from experience, trust me).

25. Going outside? Best in a carrier wrap or with a carrycot.

26. Don't use the swing for long periods of time. It is generally better in advance not to buy one.

27. Do not rush to tilt the carrycot, swing or stroller.

28. Sterility is an important thing - to an extent.

29. Let the older siblings approach and also touch your baby gently, they are not made of porcelain. It's really important.

Newborn tips and tricks

30. Breastfeeding is great - but there are other ways of sedation you should exposed your baby to.

31. Babies relax from contact, yes that's right. But they are mostly relaxed by a sense of security. Try to give it to them. Try the "fake it until you make it" approach.

32. If you decide to wrap your baby at night - make sure that your baby can sleep without it too. At two and a half months you will need to begin to remove it completely.

33. Changing a diaper at night - if necessary - do it quietly and without turning on the light and/or talking.

34. Pacifier? Intelligent use! See my previous post about pacifiers.

35 Transitional objects? Why not ... recommended from the start.

36. A small night lamp in the room? excellent.

37. Your baby is not supposed to turn over/roll over before three months.

38. Let your baby put his hands in his mouth. It is excellent for your baby and that's what he or she choose.

39. From the first moment think on movement and transitioning . I already said – your baby is not made of porcelain.

40. When you lift your baby from the floor or lower surfaces, lift through the side.

41. Vertical grip is a perfect grip. You can always support your baby head with your free hand.

42. Do not try to seat him or her up and do not try to make them stand – Your baby is not a toy.

43. Let him try to fall asleep on his own, do not be alarmed that he is moving on his way to fall asleep. You are also moving on the way there no?

44. If your baby hand is stuck under his chest - don't rush to help him out - if you want to help, bend the leg of that side towards his stomach. This will raise his chest and allow the hand to unstuck.

45. Don't be so gentle with your baby, he will respond better to strong, clear hands.

46. Dress your baby and take off clothes while inside the bean bag. He is calmer and feels safer there than on a swaddle surface.

47. Don't start feeding your baby if he cries. Let him relax first and then begin.

48. Always respond to crying. Obviously. If it takes you twenty seconds or even thirty to respond - no disaster will happen.

49. Participate in an online or offline development workshop. It really enriches and contributes.

50. Remember that they grow day by day. This too - enriches and contributes.

Good luck and love ❤️


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