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Using Pacifiers Past 6 Months Leads To Baby Problems Myth or Fact?

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Using Pacifiers Past 6 Months Leads To Baby Problems - Myth or Fact?

There are some babies that aren't pacifier babies and they kind of give it up after three or four months and once a baby gives it up oftentimes they are not interested in it again so it becomes a bit challenging to reintroduce pacifiers again.

On the other hand some babies don't want to give it up and some of them will use pacifiers for a year, two years and even three and four years and that's okay.

It turns out that different families  have a different inherited pattern of needing extra soothing so what you may find in your family or your friends family is that the husband or wife had a teddy bear that they brought to college with them. What I mean is that they loved it so much that they would never go anywhere without it or a blankie or Pasi or they'd suck their thumb or things like that and those are all kind of good things in a way because they help the child be more self-sufficient and be able to calm themselves in a frightening situation.

The problem with thumb sucking or finger sucking is it really messes up your teeth and that can become a real serious issue. With pacifiers much less so and if you look at the way human beings used to live for the first three or four years of their life you were supposed to be nursing, so babies still even at 2 and at 3 and at 4 year old may still have a need for sucking so I wouldn't get bent out of shape about that if your baby needs his pacifiers.

I would only limit it to certain times or periods so that they don't have it every single second that they wanted. But, certainly in the first six months of life pacifiers can be a very very helpful tool.

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