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The 4 Pillars Of Falling Asleep Faster

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Baby sleeping

Nearly everything you need to know

By BabyPillars

The 4 pillars of falling asleep faster and for better sleep

So what should you actually do to make your baby fall asleep faster?

If your baby sleeps with you in bed, or if your baby falls asleep on your hands or if your baby needs any “outside” help to fall asleep start with the first step.

The first pillar of falling asleep

In the first pillar after you have performed your own bedtime ritual, put a chair next to your child's bed and sit down. Massage your baby and touch him or her from time to time until they fall asleep. Make sure your baby falls asleep with your touch.

It is very important that the physical contact between you and your baby will be under your control and not under your baby control.

If your baby doesn’t fall asleep, cries, stand up etc., or if your constant contact does not help, lift him/her up, calm them on your hands and return them immediately to their bed when they calm down.

The second pillar of falling asleep

In the second pillar you should help your baby fall asleep without any physical contact. Sit beside your baby without touching. If he or she cries and needs you, calm them down first in bed and if it doesn’t work, then on your hands.

When you see that they are calm and close to sleeping remove your hand.

The third pillar of falling asleep

In the third pillar sit on a chair farther away from your baby but within sight, they should see you there when they are lifting their head. Of course here too, if your baby begins to cry approach, calm them down, lay them back in bed and sit down in the chair again.

The fourth pillar of falling asleep

In the fourth pillar you say "good night", give your baby a kiss and leave the room. If your baby cries, it is necessary to return, calm him down, lay him back down to bed and leave the room.

If your baby wakes up at the middle of the night, do the same actions depending on the pillar you are in.

These are the five steps and the four pillars that I personally use and thousands of families use for quitter sleep and get up full of energy and happiness in the morning and my family sleeps all night and create opportunities to enjoy moments of peace and quiet.

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