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 Rolling Over - 48 Tips From Birth Up To 6 Moths.


  • Lay your baby down for a few minutes each day - lying down in all positions as possible.
  • Lay your baby down for a few minutes each day in a beanbag.
  • When you lift your baby from the surface or from his crib remember to lift through the side of his body.
  • When cradling - cradle your baby in a sling. Be advise and remember symmetry.
  • When cradling with a sling – hold your baby on both sides of your body.
  • Take your baby on your hands not just for relaxation purposes, do it a few times a day.
  • When you hold your baby in your hands, change hands and positions every few minutes.
  • Gently rub your baby body to give him the awareness to the different parts of his body.
  • Massage your baby feet a few minutes and a few times every day.
  • Place your baby feet on straight surfaces and allow his foot to push the surface gently.
  • Do all exercise on the floor accompanied the movement of the body from the back to the abdomen and vice versa.

One To 2 Months Rolling Over Baby:

  • When you hold your baby vertically - hold him slightly away from the body when his head is supported, slowly transfer your weight from foot to foot and wait for your baby body to respond accordingly.
  • Lay your baby on his sides a few minutes every day.
  • When your baby is lying in tummy time or on his back, gently and slightly rub his ribs to the right and left, the movement there is small because of the rib fixation but it is important.
  • When your baby is lying on his stomach during rest time, bend one of his legs gently towards his pelvis – do it each time with the other leg.
  • When your baby is inside the beanbag, lift carefully each side of the beanbag to transfer your baby from his back to the side of his body.
rolling over baby to side

Two To 3 Months Rolling Over Baby:

  • When your baby is tummy down on a mattress, lift carefully one side of the mattres to move your baby from the side of his body and until he is fully rolled.
  • Lay your baby tummy down and gently push your baby's chest area with your head, like a cat does.
  • lay your baby on a physical ball and roll the ball gently to all sides.
  • When your baby is lying on his back, lift his pelvis towards his face and repeat this exercise several times.
  • When lying on his stomach, let his hand get stuck under his chest and gently push the leg on the same side of his body so he will learn how to free it all alone.
  • When your baby is lying on the stomach, put your hand under his thorax and this time bend the opposite leg so that he will learn to start to roll over.
  • While your baby is still lying on his back, continue to lift his pelvis towards his head.
  • Practice passive rolls from side to side, straighten one leg and bend the other leg while turning from side to side.
  • Lay your baby in a beanbag several times a day – don’t let him off your sight.
  • When your baby is lying on his back, let him “play” with a small toy but let him also touch the toy and even take the toy in his mouth.
  • When holding your baby on your hands, move his body left and right to induce equilibrium reflexes.
  • Even if your baby is not fussy and does not "ask" to be held, give him the experiences of movement a couple of times a day.
  • In the cradle position and very close and tight to your body, provide your baby the experience of falling.
  • Galant reflex how to. When your baby is lying on the sides, tickle or rub his sides.
  • Galant reflex how to in tummy time. same as when he is on his back. The rib motility is the key.

Three To 4 Months Rolling Over Baby:

  • Rolling over is just around the corner, you might start seeing it.

  • When your baby is on his back lift his pelvis towrds his head and give him a toy to play with and get in his mouth.
  • While lying on his stomach in tummy time, move the toy from side to side of his body.
  • Take your baby to in-house flights, it is very important at this age and helps rolling over maneuvers.
  • Turn your baby’s body from side to side while he is grasping a small toy. Also let his eyes follow the toy.
  • Hold your baby’s palms and his feet together and gently swing his body from side to side.
  • Lay your baby tummy down and gently push your baby's chest area.
  • When your baby is on his back, familiarize him with his body midline through touch and massage from the chest down and down to the spine.
  • Familiarize your baby with the midline of his body with mouth stimulus.
  • Practice quick and different holding transitions.

Four To 6 Months Rolling over Baby:

  • It is time! Try to achieve at least one rolling over from even only one direction and through the side of the body Let’s do it again, start at no.1 and continue.
  • Practice reaching for an object at the same time your baby is rolling over.
  • To practice reaching to an object, you should start with a beanbag and then move your baby to the floor.
  • When your baby is lying on his back, give him a toy and let him reach out to grab it. Then help him roll the toy through the side of his body.
  • Lay your baby as much as you can on the floor exploring.
  • Less trampoline time the better.

These are 48 tips and tricks to proper guide your baby to roll over. You can watch our videos for further help and guidance. Good luck!

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