Premature Baby What Every Parent Needs To Know

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Premature Baby Care What Every Parent Needs To Know. (Short version)

Developmental milestones are major achievements that every baby needs to pass over the first years of life.

Premature baby sometimes meet those milestones a little later than full-term babies. Milestones are just guidelines every baby needs to see their doctor and be followed to make sure they're hitting those milestones appropriately and continuously.

When we think about developmental milestones which are major achievements, we think about areas about muscle and motor function, fine motor activity for example being able to pick something up and transferring it, and gross motor activity for example walking and kicking a ball. We think about cognitive ability the ability to think and sort out and learn and we think about vision and hearing

Doctor follows those milestones over the first years of life. When we talk about premature baby we have to consider their birthdate and their due date when we think about are they on track in their developmental milestones.

Most babies sit up at six or seven months premature baby who is born early might sit up a little later than that so their birth date is not really the time when you start marking their milestones it's based on when they would have been born rather than when they really were born.

Premature baby sometimes have problems with hearing or vision and that will sometimes cause also some problems with speech. Premature baby sometimes we'll need specialists to optimize their abilities.


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