What happens when we help our child start walking? ?

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What happens when we help our child to start walking?

Many infants reach the walking stage and just linger at this stage.
In this stage many parents ask, What happens when we help our child to start walking?, when this will pass and how it is possible to help walking or even promote walking. When we help our child to walk, he does walk, but not on his own, but with our lead.

Walking is supposed to happen independently, from experience of many years I have learned that when walking is not developing independently, it is because of the balancing system.

Our baby balancing system has not yet developed properly, and therefore our baby balancing ability is not yet mature.
This is due to the non-realization of some of the developmental milestones that were supposed to take place from the first months of life, such as:
lying on the stomach and lifting the head, rollovers, balance and movement between the two sides, keeping the head in the center line of the body, sitting properly, standing, and more.

When our baby does these processes on his own, Independently, he learns to balance himself, organize his head in the midline, use his hands and feet correctly and then stand up.
From there he begins to take his first steps on his own and learns his own balance and posture.
So, what do you do when your baby just "wants" to go? Just “wants” to stand up.
The question here is who does the wishing come from you or your baby.

I think in many cases the desire is of the parent and the interpretation is that my baby just "wants" to go.
Try to pay attention to whether it is more you or your baby. You can do a lot of one-on-one time together that will make you and your baby enjoy his development and not necessarily walking.
It is also possible to occasionally lend a hand, but not to make it a routine.

child start walking with dad

Our job as parents is not to help or encourage our children to develop, but to create for them an environment that will stimuli their development and that will help them develop the skills they need to go through all the stages of development, and help your child start walking.

In conclusion, when you give a child a hand, he trusts someone else and not himself. Therefore, I highly recommend parents to be very patient and make sure that the first stages of development have been taken place and properly, if not, repeat them through exercises and games. After your baby incorporates healthy and proper development base, he will start walking independently and securely.

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