What can calm a baby while driving, or while in the car?

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What can calm a baby while driving, or while in the car?

This is one question we get a lot: What can calm a baby while driving?

It happens you know, to all of us parents usually when we get in the car with our 2-month-old or 3-month-old or at any small age our baby starts crying and does not calm down.

No matter what you do he or she does not calm and we as parents get restless, angry and more. Most parents do not know what to do and sometimes they even cancel an important drive or trip just because of the crying.
So, is there something we as parents can do to calm a baby down while we are driving, or while we are in the car? Here is our answer.

Most time we explain to parents that the difficulty is mainly at birth ages and up to babies 4 month of age.

Around this age range which our baby still needs a “womb like” experiences and environment, he is accustom to movement, sound and touch. To calm a baby down you should stimulate a “womb like” environment in the car.

At this stage your baby is still not what the expert called; sensory organized. The sensory information that comes to him from the environment can frighten to him and he needs a something (you) that gives him confidence and comfort.

But sometimes we also need to drive right? Sometimes you are alone with your baby in the car and then what?

What can calm a baby while driving, or while in the car?

How to calm a baby down while driving tips and tricks.

Here are a couple of tips to work around the issue, calm a baby down and help our baby relax and have a pleasant drive.

  1. If possible, another person who can join the ride and sit next to your baby, or replace you as the driver will give your baby a sense of comfort and that he is not alone.
  2. A youngster in a car seat might be irritated by seemingly insignificant things. Check out this list of common irritants. Is it possible that the straps are too tight? Is your baby supported enough? Is he a little too hot or a little too cold?
  3. Wrap your baby up so that he will feel held and supported through out the ride. You can cradle your baby inside the car seat but please be aware of the safety belts.
  4. If screaming starts through the drive, stop the vehicle on the side, in a safe place, carry/rock the carrier in your hands and wait for your baby to relax and fall asleep.
  5. There are a variety of toys and devices on the market nowadays that can keep your baby occupied throughout the journey. These toys are designed to keep babies entertained and soothed in their car seats!
  6. Sing to him aloud and at different rhythms, or play music with a beat. The changing of rhythms and beats will excite and intrigue your baby. That is what he heard for months when he was in your womb.
  7. It's possible that it's the sun. If the sun is in your baby's eyes, he or she is likely to get irritable and scream. Sun shades can assist stop the sun's rays from entering your home through your back windows. Sun shades that attach to the top of the window are better than suction-cup shades, which can break free and fall on your kid.
  8. Allowing your infant to cry it out is NOT a good idea. When your baby screams, always come to a halt and treat him or her with compassion. As a new parent, the worst sound you can hear is your baby wailing, yet reaching back to comfort them takes your eyes off the road and your hands off the steering wheel. Don't turn around while driving, no matter how tough it is. Before checking on your infant, choose a safe location to pull over.
  9. Safe and pleasant ride to you all!

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