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What's Inside?

0-3 Month.

Module 1

These videos will guide you parents in dealing with the dramatic change of welcoming a new baby into your life, whether your first child, or another brother or sister that has joined your family.

With the BabyPillars’ 0-3 months baby development tutorials we will focus on: comfortable holding positions, coping with crying, stomach aches, and gas, lying on the stomach, lifting the head, communication with your baby, and so much more.

Learning these stages is the basis for reaching additional milestones such as rolling over, eye contact, focusing eyesight and more!

11 Videos

1,225h Monthly Views

3-6 Month.

Module 2

In the ages of 3 to 6 months, you will watch your baby improve his eye contact and focus. He will improve and better establish his balance system, rolling over from his back to his stomach, and from his stomach to his back. He will laugh, grab onto objects independently and so much more!

In this series of videos, we will give you the guidance and support you as parents need in dealing with the changes your baby is going through, while his primitive reflex are leaving the system and voluntary reflexes such as balance and gripping are entering the system. We will also see how to deal with the beginning of independent movement that will lead down the road to rolling over.

10 Videos

1,550h Monthly Views

6-9 Month.

Module 3

At this stage of your baby’s life, he is beginning to understand that he has the ability to reach an object that is close to him through making eye contact, reaching his hand out, and rolling over.

These videos will provide you with guidance in dealing with the change that your baby goes through with the start of independent movement forward, and the ability to move in space.

In addition, with the help of these videos you will attain practical tools which will help you carry out different exercises that focus on development of the balance system, development of proper crawling, and coping with the beginning of independent movement on the floor, and away from the floor.

10 Videos

1,980h Monthly Views

9-12 Month.

Module 4

At this stage, in the 9-to-12-month period, your baby can crawl on his belly and on his hands and knees. As he rises and crawls on his hands and knees, your baby begins to move towards independent sitting. Here, for the first time, your baby must use a narrower surface for balance, and he must learn to balance himself through his upper body.

In this video series we will focus on topics such as: independent transition to sitting, continuing to develop the balance system, confidence in independent transition to standing, confidence in standing, and more.

9 Videos

1,450h Monthly Views

12-24 Month.

Module 5

This module provides parents with guidance in dealing with the transition from baby to toddler, and continue with creating a base for his independence, motoric, cognitive, social and emotional terms.

Through these videos you will attain practical tools that will allow you to practice different activities with your baby, which focus on independent movement in space, problem solving and coping with new obstacles.

Your baby will develop a sense of spatial orientation along with improving his walking, and developing attention and concentration.

10 Videos

1,050h Monthly Views


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What's In It for you And your baby:

Expert Parenting Support

Get expert guidance from a certified professional with years of experience and a proven record in parenting and child development.

Complete Baby Care

Get comprehensive coverage of all the important topics related to caring for your baby, including feeding, sleep, play, development and much more.

Transform Baby's Life

Experience a dramatic improvement and transform your baby's sleep, feeding, and overall development in just a few short days.

Risk-Free guarantee

A risk-free trial period, so you can try out the program all the metrial included, and see if it's right for you before committing.

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Real Success Stories

" I believe that your exercises are perfectly composed. I like that you approach the child's development as a whole and that - unlike other websites on similar topics - you give specific, practical tips on supporting the child's development. The format of your video tutorials is very accessible."

“Anat is absolutely wonderful. After watching the videos, I decided to purchase a private session package to get specialized suggestions for my toddler who has gross motor delays and has been in physical therapy his whole life. Not only was Anat incredibly knowledgeable and creative with her suggestions, her warmth, support, and encouragement made the sessions therapeutic for me as well.

As a parent who is very used to the physical therapy model (and is used to my son crying through most therapy sessions) it was refreshing to have Zoom sessions with Anat where my son was actually enjoying himself, laughing and having fun. I love her approach to development in which learning takes place during fun activities. I feel so grateful for Anat and highly recommend her. “

" I have reviewed some of the videos and tried them with my son, and he loves them!
I have never seen him so proud of himself! "

“ The one on one sessions with Anat have been incredible; her advice is so much more impactful and qualified than any of the baby activity apps or websites out there. She’s able to observe my baby’s movements and make recommendations to help him with anything he’s frustrated about.

Typically after practicing these recommendations for a day, I’ll see a change in his behavior the next day. The video courses have also been really useful for filling his playtime with fun and developmental appropriate activities. “

“Really really appreciate all the guidance, feel so much better about Leo’s development with Anats videos and guidance.”

" I wish I had found your site sooner. I would recommend it to all parents who have any problems with their small children or just want to support their children's development.”

“ I first started doing the BabyPillar video tutorials with my first child who was diagnosed with torticollis. I found the videos to be easy to follow, extremely helpful and in line with what our physical therapist was showing us.

They helped me understand what milestones my child should be achieving and how to get there step by step. I had a private session with Anat for my second child which was free after the purchase of the videos.

It was very helpful because she answered all of my questions and gave me additional tips. Anat even offered to repeat the session with my husband and our babysitter. You can tell she is very knowledgeable and very passionate about her work. “


I'm Anat Furstenberg

I Take A Different Approach Than Most "Experts" Out There.

The initial months of a baby's life are critical for their growth and future success. These early stages offer the ideal opportunity for parents to provide the support and guidance their baby needs to develop properly. This course is designed for all parents and their babies, providing expert advice and lessons that are both enjoyable and beneficial.

As an expert, I am thrilled to bring this valuable knowledge to you and to be a part of your parenting journey. While group parenting classes can be useful, personal advice is sometimes needed to address specific concerns. That's why I offer private online sessions to address your unique challenges and questions related to your baby's development and day-to-day parenting.

Through our one-on-one sessions, I aim to help you become a more confident and understanding parent. I will work with you to find solutions to the challenges you face, fostering a deeper connection with your baby in the process. Let's work together to make the parenting experience a fulfilling and successful one.

Frequently asked questions

How does BabyPillars help with baby development?

BabyPillars helps parents by providing a clear understanding of what to expect during their baby's first years and what steps they can take to ensure healthy and happy development. The video guides provide a hands-on approach to baby development, allowing parents to see the process in action.

What is included in the BabyPillars video guides?

The video guides include step-by-step demonstrations of healthy baby development, covering topics such as feeding, sleeping, milestones, and more. Parents can use the guides to understand what to look for at each stage of their baby's development.

What is the difference between BabyPillars and other baby development resources?

BabyPillars offers hands-on video guides, rather than just reading a book or attending a demonstration. The video guides provide a clear understanding of what to expect during a baby's first years and what steps to take to ensure healthy development.

How does BabyPillars ensure healthy development for babies?

BabyPillars provides step-by-step video guides that show parents what to look for at each stage of their baby's development, allowing them to monitor their baby's growth and ensure healthy development. The program covers topics such as feeding, sleeping, and milestones, providing parents with a comprehensive understanding of baby development.

Is there any age limit for the use of BabyPillars?

BabyPillars is designed for use during a baby's first years, typically up to age 2 or 3.

Can BabyPillars be used by both new and experienced parents?

Yes, BabyPillars can be used by both new and experienced parents as it provides a comprehensive understanding of baby development, regardless of previous experience.

What steps do I need to take to get started with BabyPillars?

To get started with BabyPillars, simply sign up for the program and follow the step-by-step video guides. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during a baby's first years and what steps to take to ensure healthy development.

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