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We found Mateo SITTING this morning!! We did not see how he did it but he was so so proud!!
Thanks for all your great support, it's really huge for us and I'm more than grateful to have you in our lives❤️❤️❤️ "

What You’ll learn in this video Course

Your baby is turning into a little person with a personality that shines right through! Together, we will work on changing the womb-like environment which we helped simulate during his transition from the womb to the world. He is beginning to lose his basic primitive reflexes and we will help him to attain the next secure transition so that he may continue to develop voluntary reflexes such as balance, gripping and independent movement.

  • Developing eye contact and focus
  • Improved and better established balance
  • Rolling over from back to stomach, and from stomach to back.
  • Laughter
  • Grabbing independently and so much more!
  • This 3-6 months module is the basis for reaching your baby next milestones such as: Sitting, balance and posture, transition to standing and more. This video series will allow you to better understand parenting, and better understand your baby needs and desires.

" I believe that your exercises are perfectly composed. I like that you approach the child's
development as a whole and that - unlike other websites on similar topics - you give specific,
practical tips on supporting the child's development. The format of your video tutorials is very
accessible. "

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