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Navigating the world of cerebral palsy (CP) can feel like a solitary journey, but it doesn't have to be. My name is Anat Furstenberg, and I specialize in bringing light to families touched by CP. I'm here to extend a personal invitation to you for a free session that could change your perspective on CP care.

Availbilty: of 12 Sessions - June, 2024

Why This Treatment Session?

Motivational Techniques

Discover treatment methods to motivate your child with CP to participate and grow, tailored to their abilities and interests.

Family Dynamics

Receive advice on integrating CP treatment within your family, ensuring each member feels valued.

Emotional Support

My session provide a safe space to address the loneliness and confusion often felt by parents, offering guidance, understanding and compassion.

Sibling Integration

Learn strategies to involve siblings in care and support, fostering a nurturing environment for all your children, ensuring each member feels valued.

Hear From Parents Like You

"Anat's session was a revelation. We found not just strategies, but hope and someone that gets us."

Emily, May 2024

"The practical advice and resources I received have made a real difference in how I support my son."

Jane, June 2024

“The one on one sessions with Anat have been incredible; her advice is so much more impactful and qualified than any of the baby activity apps or websites out there. She’s able to observe my baby’s movements and make recommendations to help him with anything he’s frustrated about. Typically after practicing these recommendations for a day, I’ll see a change in his behavior the next day.
Really really appreciate all the guidance, feel so much better about Leo’s development with Anats guidance.”


Your Baby's Potential

communication with your baby

At Home Treatment Session

Independent Standing

Your Journey Matters

Every child is a world unto themselves, and every parent is their child's best advocate. In our 30-minute session, we'll explore the unique story of your family. We'll talk about your hopes, your challenges, and the practical steps and treatment options we can take together towards a brighter future.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the free session?

You'll receive expert advice tailored to your child's needs, learn effective strategies for CP care, and discover how to foster a supportive environment for your entire family.

How can this session help my family?

My approach is holistic, addressing not just the physical aspects of CP, but also the emotional and social dynamics that come with it.

How can this session help me cope with the feeling of being unable to help my child?

I will provide you with practical tools and strategies, empowering you to make a positive impact on your child's development and well-being.

How can I continue to support my child after the session?

You'll leave our session with resources and a plan tailored to your child's needs, ensuring ongoing support.

Is this suitable for parents of children at any age?

Yes, I work with parents of children with CP at all ages. My approach adapts to your child's specific needs, whether they're an infant or a teenager.

Why do you offer this for free?

I believe every child with CP deserves the best start. I also believe in the power of connection and the difference it can make.
This is my way of reaching out to you, no strings attached.

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