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3-6 Months Development

Now that your baby received the best possible conditions for a smooth and successful transition from the womb to the world in her first three months, we can continue to guide your baby in the next developmental stages.

In previous stages, your baby built confidence and the ability to lay on her stomach. she became familiar with each side of her body, activated all of his primitive reflexes, and gained abilities in touch, movement, new experiences, and more.

What to expect?

In the ages of 3 to 6 months, you will watch your baby improve her eye contact and focus. She will improve and better establish her balance system, rolling over from her back to her stomach, and from her stomach to her back.

She will laugh, grab onto objects independently and so much more!In this stage of your baby’s life, we will work on abandoning the womb-like environment which we helped simulate during her transition from the womb to the world, and we will provide her with the next secure transition to continue coping with gravity, and independent movement in space.

Each baby develops at his own rhythm and pace, and it’s important that we, as parents help our children pave their own path, and encourage them to overcome each stage of development to fulfill their full developmental potential.

Each stage is built off of the last, and we must continue to establish a proper base that will guide your baby as he moves on his developmental path.

Where Should You Focus?

When your baby reaches the 3-6 month stage we suggest that you focus with your baby on:

  • Get familiarize with the basic for developing eye, hand contact and coordination.
  • Focus on the fundamentals for rolling over and shifting weight - Important!
  • Find out what are the essential tools your baby needs for proper and right turning over.
  • Trouble with sleeping? Learn the best transitions and movement while sleeping for a quite and full night sleep. - Important!
  • Getting ready to crawl, start practicing with your baby crawling position and posture.

Track Your Baby Growth

Track your baby growth according to the World Health Organization. (Click image to enlarge).

By 6 Months Your Baby Should:

  • Recognize familiar individuals.
  • Enjoy observing oneself in a mirror.
  • Engage in turn-taking by making sounds with you.
  • Blow "raspberries" by sticking out the tongue and blowing.
  • Explore objects by putting them in the mouth.
  • Reache out to grasp desired toys.
  • Roll from stomach to back.
  • Lift up with straight arms when on the stomach.
  • Lean on hands for support while sitting.

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