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BabyPillars community baby sleep questions and answers

Baby sleeping

Nearly everything you need to know

By BabyPillars

BabyPillars Community – questions and answers

From the BabyPillars Community – what other parents are saying about their baby sleep problems and how they cope.

Megan .T. Question: Any tips on how to get a newborn to go to sleep at night?!

Silma .G. Asked: Has anyone tried the sleep drops for babies? Did they help at all? Nothing seems to settle him down and im burning out. Hubby gets frustrated with the crying all night.

Rachelle .G. Question: Opinions and thought on the "cry it out" method for babies?

Sara .G. Question: Day sleeps... What age did you go from two sleeps to one sleep? What time do you put them down and how long do they sleep for? DD is 13 months and is resisting her second sleep at daycare. She's been doing this for maybe a week. Before that she was fine. Is it time to change her sleep times? On a side note... She's almost walking, taking more steps each day. I wonder if this developmental milestone is impacting on her day sleeps and she'll come right once fully walking. Thanks ?

Ashley .N. Question: How did you survive the 4 month sleep regression? LO is 3 months old and is now waking up every 1-2 hours at night again. I want to bash my head into a wall- this is miserable!

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