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3-6 Months Baby course.

Stop listening to everybody else only you matter! Stop second guessing, Stop feeling exhausted from today.

Acquire confidence and tools to help your baby excel and reach every 3-6 milestone with ease.

An online class for parents and babies 3-6 Months.

Hi, I’m Anat Furstenberg, and I want to personally welcome you and your beautiful baby to BabyPillars. About fifteen years ago, I started my professional journey in the parenting world and along the way I have helped thousands of parents and families transform struggles and pains into happiness and smiles.

I have reviewed some of the videos and tried them with my son, and he loves them! 

I have never seen him so proud of himself!

Easy Milestone Mastery, Just 5 Min A Day:

✅ Helpful guides & schedules for everyday reference.

✅ Understand your baby’s cues - needs and wants every time.

✅ Have the confidence as a parent never to guess yourself again.

✅ Flexible to your mommy needs with day by day done for you routines.

✅ Emotionally connected to your baby and to you.

✅ LOVE every stage of your baby development in the first 3 months.

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover In this course:

✅ Understanding the rolling over phase and responding correctly.

✅ Leading your baby to complete body symmetry right and left.

✅ Development of the balancing system and reinforcement.

✅ Guiding your baby to perfect eye hand coordination and contact.

✅ The first steps in preparation of the crawling stage.

✅ Done for you quality schedules and a good night's sleep routines.

✅ Sensory development and adaptation to different surrounding textures.

✅ And also, the "4 month regression", nonverbal communication, coping with sleep regressions, foreign anxiety / abandonment, creating the right physical environment, motivation and more.

By the end of this course you’ll understand your baby’s true needs and wants and how to deal with them. You will be able to guide your baby to real quality development, deal with difficulties along the way, get your baby to sleep easily, sleep well at night, create the perfect developmental environment for your baby and feel safe and secure in your parenting.

In this online course I will show you step-by-step how to lay the pillars for your baby future development today, and get your parenting confidence all the way up.

I’m Anat Furstenberg, founder of BabyPillars and I’ll be your step-by-step instructor and guide you through the course.

Let's see if we can help you and your baby development path...

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Check out what our lovely mom's say

I had bought this course within minutes of seeing the first video … Parents, buy this course. It's like those great books which we keep going back to years later to seek counsel. You will be glad you did it.

Sima Lenoro, .WA

BabyPillars is a fantastic place to learn about baby development. As a kindergarten teacher and a mommy of 3 I can honestly say that the tutorials gave me a lot of insight and information regarding the development of my little one.

Kristy Sharrow, .NY

After having a lot of difficult with my 1 year old development a friend recommended these tutorials. After only 2 weeks we saw the first change in Alex. I will surely recommend your tutorials to the world. Thank you so much…

Audrey Anderson, .CA

Hi Anat! It’s Abby – just want to let you know that I’ve been watching your videos and Ezra loves doing all the activities! He’s nearly 5 months and is already rolling both ways and spininig around on his front! Ur videos are great! Hope you and your boys are well, xoxo.

Abby, .London 

I take a different approach than most "experts" out there

I believe and we all know that the first months of our baby’s life are crucial for their development, they are the shaping pillars to their future. These months are the best times to give your baby the help and guidance he or she so desperately needs to shape their growth, and therefore, their future.

With so many and different "expert opinions" and so many different options on the web today you don't know what to do and where to start.
I am here to help and guide you through your baby development path every step of the way.

I give away 95% of our professional materials free.

My aim to help as many parents as I can and to make that free material better and more professional than anyone else’s paid stuff.

Let's see if we can help you and your baby development path...

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